Cold Mountain week 1

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“When he squatted down loading, Inman could hear the firing, but also the sap of balls into meat. A man near Inman grew so excited, or perhaps so weary, that he forgot to pull the ramrod from the barrel. He fired it off and it struck a Federal in the chest. The man fell backward, and the rod stood from his body and quavered about with the last of his breathing as if he had been pierced by an unfletched arrow.”

This passage really strikes me as imagery of the war at it’s best. I can just visualize the mass swarms of Federal that are coming at these guys, and Inman and his men just mowing them down. Most notably the part about the man firing his ramrod though his gun. Now in the section where Inman decribes his experience at Fredericksburg, explain another situation in which Frazier uses imagery to describe the horrors of war.

Part 2

“To Ada, Ruby’s monologues seemed composed mainly of verbs, all of them tiring, Plow, plant, hoe, cut, can, feed, kill. ”

It seems to me that the only reason that Rudy has such a good work ethic is because she didn’t have much else to do as a young girl. Either that or she is just really passionate about helping out Ada. I don’t know just simple tell me what you think.

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  1. I liked your video! I guess “like” isn’t the correct word, seeing as how terrible the battle was. I felt it really exemplified how Inman must have felt about the fighting. Frazier uses a lot of imagery to describe the war. One piece that stuck out to me was “The batter popped like distant battle fire when she spooned the grease” (Frazier 125). It’s not terribly descriptive but it shows how Inman associates common things with the war. It shows how much the war has gotten into him. I see this kind of association as a horrible thing.
    I think that Rudy is a great influence on Ada. Rudy is teaching her that if she wants her life to get better, it’s time to step up and get to work. Rudy had a tough home life. Her mother wasn’t around and her father seemed to be nothing more than a lazy drunkard. She had to take care of herself since she was a child and learned her work ethic that way. Survival depended on it. I’m confused as to why she suddenly showed up on Ada’s doorstep though. Perhaps Rudy sensed Ada needed her based on the evident neglect of the property. Hopefully we learn more about her in the future.

  2. I love the passage you chose for the imagery question. The fact that he does start thinking about every thing in terms of war is a horrible thing. I don’t know if you noticed but in the videos I posted one of the brigaded that was sent out to fight was from Maine.

  3. After all the battles he has been through, it would be highly unlikely that he didn’t have some sort of post-traumatic stress.

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